Unpopular Tales. Volume 2

Pinochia. Geppetto is a robotic engineer who has created an android to put an end to a conflict that has been lost for decades on the human side. Accompany this android in his search for harmony, in his self-knowledge as a conscious being and in his journey to find out what makes humans such an interesting species to study and understand

We will first publish Issue #1 of this comic in Kickstarter. The campaign will run from July 19 to August 18th

32 pages full of action, adventure and tons of robots!!

Exclusive Collectibles

From the hand of Invictus Design and Velayos Art. We will offer you a line of exclusive collectibles related to our productions.

Short on the road

Black and white.

Kylian is a man infinitely chafed by life, who wanders through the city nights in his clandestine taxi. He doesn’t know it but his sordid world will change forever tonight.