We are a transmedia studio made up of collaborating writers, designers, cartoonists, illustrators, 2D/3D animators, traditional/3D sculptors and filmmakers. Our common goal is to provide stories and products that go beyond fast, easy and mainstream consumption. We believe that not everything goes in entertainment and it is a large part of the culture that we create, expand and perpetuate. Join us, relax and let us show you our dreams, who You know, maybe you’ll even share them.

  • Diary of a hyperactive mind: Day one

    Diary of a hyperactive mind: Day one

    The tyranny of being right We currently live in the age of opinions. We should all have one on all issues. Whether or not we know what we are talking about. And not only that, when someone with more experience or knowledge tries to inform us of an error or an incorrect position, first we…


  • Diario de un Culo Inquieto: Primera Entrada

    Diario de un Culo Inquieto: Primera Entrada

    La tiranía de tener siempre razón Actualmente vivimos en la era de las opiniones. Todos debemos tener una, sobre todos los temas. Sepamos o no de lo que estamos hablando. Y no solo eso, cuando alguien con más experiencia o conocimiento nos intenta informar de un error o postura incorrecta, primero lo intentamos acallar, después…


  • Ready? Go!!!

    Ready? Go!!!

    Hello Unpopulars!!! We are so excited to not only starting a new year but a new site as well. We have several things in the pipeline, and after the little hiccup of 2022, we are finally on the way to presenting to you guys the new creations we have been brewing for years. We will…


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